Music to complete your vision.


Music-making of any kind always comes down to the ear.

Consider the idea that music is pure communication. Abstract or direct, melodic or dissonant, music reaches out and invites us to respond with our thoughts, emotions, memories. To me, the ability to recognize and form such connections is a direct reflection of musical ability – a good ear.

Ever since I was young, I spent most of my time listening and asking "why?" Why do certain tones and timbres soothe us, while others push us away? Why does the music of previous eras cause one reaction for those who grew up with it, and a different reaction in us? Why does our pop music today bear such a strong resemblance to sirens and alarms?

I come from a generation bursting with the wealth of access. During the advent of the internet this access was a novelty - to me and my era of musicians, it is simply our element. Our artistic idols span the ages, leaping across movements and cultural boundaries. We experiment indiscriminately with styles, techniques, even the very recordings of past and present works. And our creations are just as bold – a living testament to the spectrum of musical discovery.

I make music that draws from the palette of this infinitely saturated world. Lend me your ear and I'll lend you mine.

~ K

Kenny Zhao writes, records, and produces all his work from his home studio in Los Angeles. For any composing, songwriting, and recording inquiries, please visit the CONTACT page from the menu.